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27 lutego 2006

STRATEGICON 2002 (9-11 November 2002)

MTG block:
Registration for each tournament starts 1 hour prior to the tournament.

Saturday Nov.9
11:00 PTQ Chicago - Sealed Deck + Rochester Draft - 80 zl (ca. 20 euro) [1
slot + money]
21:00 Extended - 15 zl (ca. 4 euro)

Sunday 10 Nov.
11:00 PolTour Wroclaw (Standard) - 10 zl (ca. 2 euro - some money is
transferred from convention fees to increase the prizes)
21:00 Extended - 15 zl (ca. 4 euro)

Monday 11 Nov. (Polish National Holiday)
11:00 TeamDQ Challenge - Standard - 60 zl (ca. 15 euro)
11:00 Standard - 15 zl (ca. 4 euro)
The two tournaments are run concurrently to give players a choice.

8 person single elimination or 3 round 8 person swiss drafts (both rochester
and regular), constructed (any format) are available non-stop. Drafts 40 zl
(ca. 10 euro), constructed 5zl (ca. 1.5 euro).

Prizes for each tournament are money, money, money. More participants,
higher prizes...

JUDGES (all with international experience including PTs, GPs, Euros, Worlds,
and Nationals): Team DQ - Adam Cetnerowski lev 3, Andrzej Cwalina lev 2,
Michael Kozina lev 2, Witold Wachowiak lev 2, Jacek Zniszczol lev 2.

LOTR block:
Registration for each tournament starts 1 hour prior to the tournament.

11:00 Polish Championship Qualifier, 35 zl (ca. 9 euro)
21:00 Constructed Swiss, 15 zl (ca. 4 euro)

11:00 Top 16 Polish Championship (top 8 in case of OMDS)
11:00 Constructed Swiss, 15 zl (ca. 4 euro)
20:00 Constructed Swiss without rare cards (only commons and uncommons

11:00 Two Towers Sealed Deck, 90 zl (ca. 23 euro)

JUDGES: Grzegorz Paterka, Decipher Product Champion; Grzegorz Popek,
Decipher Tournament Director; Grzegorz Zajac, Decipher Tournament Director.

HUGE block of strategy tabletop wargames including Silesia Championship in
Warhammer Fantasy Battle (2000 pts, limited, 2-day with 3 rounds on Saturday
and 1 round on Sunday) and W40K tournament (1500 pts, limited 2-day with 3
rounds on Sunday and 1 round on Monday).

STRATEGICON misc. info

Convention Director: Andrzej "Pawkens" Palka (email: pawkens@go2.pl)
Marketing: Edyta Mul-Palka (email: edyta@gildia.com)
LOTR: Grzegorz Paterka (email: mailto:greal@box43.pl)
MTG: Team DQ (email: teamdq@rudykot.pl)
WFB: Krzysztof "Entis" Zacharski (email: entis@poczta.onet.pl)
W40K: Piotr Wojtowicz

Convention fees:
Full pass : 30 zl (ca. 8 euro)
1 day: 15 zl (ca. 4 euro)
Individual entry fees for each tournament above. Tabletop strategy games
tournaments (WFB, W40K) are free.

Accomodation on site:
The convention is being held in a school building. There will be 8-10 rooms,
the gymnasium and hall. Night accomodation on site for free (sleeping on the
floor, you must have your own sleeping bag). Traditionally, participants of
Strategicon play till they fall ober, so pls be prepared for lack of sleep
and overplay:).

Accomodation offsite:
There is a possibility of sleeping in Youth Hostel. Interested pls contact
with Convention Director to reserve (pawkens@go2.pl). Moreover, Wroclaw is a
large city and there is a lot of various hotels (both cheap and expensive

Travel instructions:
http://konwenty.gildia.com/strategicon_2002/dojazd <-- there is a map
explaining how to get to convention place from train station Central

Special School no 11, 99/101 Kamienna Street, Wroclaw (Breslau).

School is situated ab. 10 minutes walk from train and bus stations Wroclaw
Central. You should take south exit from train station (vis-a-vis bus
station), go to Borowska Street, which connects to Kamienna Street. Walking
down by Borowska Street from train station, you should turn left into
Kamienna Street. After ab. 150 m on the right side you should see the school

In case of any questions please write to:

Please spread this information to as many people as possible.

Best regards,
Team DQ

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